About the Play​

Inspired by students at a New York high school for the arts, Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Monologues pits the "Geeks" against the "Goths," "Drama Queens" and "Jocks" in a senior superlative showdown for Best All Around! Employing a senior superlative awards ceremony as its unifying arc, Most Likely To transforms any stage into a platform that honors the seriocomic musings of teenagers labeled everything from Class Clown to Most Dramatic. These pieces can be used as stand-alone audition material, while an appendix of ensemble and two-person scenes transforms this monologue cycle into a full-length play.

About the Musical

It's the Glees versus the Goths, the Drama Queens versus the Jocks in a Senior Superlative showdown! Most Likely To has captured that lightning in a bottle known as the teenage drama queen. Set at a high-school awards ceremony, Most Likely To explores the trials and aspirations of teenagers through a thematic arc of song, sketch and monologue, allowing ample room for creative staging and flexible casting. The score ranges from pastiche to pop, emo to country western and includes soaring musical theatre anthems, rock, R & B and rap.